United States Intelligence Community SealThe Intelligence Community (IC) 

The IC is an integrated group of 18 federal intelligence agencies working together to protect our nation's security.  The IC focuses on an ever-expanding range of issues, from terrorist financing to drug trafficking, from climate change and environmental issues to foreign technology threats and nuclear proliferation.

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Intelligence Community Career Opportunities

Intelligence Community Career Opportunities site

The IC is seeking a culturally diverse, technologically savvy and skilled workforce for exciting careers in a number of fields. The Intelligence Careers official site offers information on multiple student opportunities from multiple IC agencies.

Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence

ODNI offers a variety of training venues and training partnerships with other government agencies to assist with our ultimate goal of deploying alongside combat missions in trusted intelligence partnerships. For example, through our Intelligence Community (IC) Centers for Academic Excellence, we award grants to universities whose academic programs can provide a basis for intelligence or national studies programs. We operate in-house programs to train the diverse nature of our workforce through our Joint Military Attaché School (JMAS) and Joint Military Intelligence Training Center (JMITC) programs. And finally, our National Intelligence University (NIU) is an accredited curriculum, offering programs that allow members to be awarded undergraduate, masters, or certificates to students.

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