Undergraduate Certificate and Minor in Intelligence & National Security Studies 

Students interested in Intelligence & National Security Studies (INSS) have two options at KU: the Undergraduate Certificate and the Undergraduate Minor. INSS courses introduce students to the highly desired skills and competencies necessary to work within the U.S. Intelligence Community agencies. INSS courses demonstrate to future employers that you are knowledgeable about the dynamic, multidisciplinary field of intelligence, its role in security and diplomacy, and the ethics and laws governing intelligence collection and dissemination.

Why Study Intelligence & National Security?

The 16 federal agencies that comprise the U.S. Intelligence Community employ people from diverse cultural backgrounds and with a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. ICCAE students who graduate aware of and prepared for intelligence careers enter the workforce with an edge over other applicants. From the military to government agencies and the nonprofit and corporate sectors, INSS students increase their career potential in this dynamic field.

2019 Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: Global Threats and National Security

Watch IC agency leaders make the case for working in the IC after graduation:



INSS Certificate Requirements

To earn the INSS certificate, students must (1) complete 12 hours in required INSS courses, and (2) participate in 20 hours of approved extracurricular campus activities.*

  • (1) Four required courses:
    • POLS 125 Introduction to Intelligence & Statecraft
    • POLS 130 US Intelligence Community
    • POLS 325 Intelligence Analytics
    • POLS 345 Counterintelligence
  • (2) Intelligence community-related experiences
    • Participation in 20 hours of campus activities with an INSS focus, such as lectures, workshops, and other events

* Please note that students earning a certificate not in conjunction with a degree program are not eligible for federal financial aid. For more information, contact iccae@ku.edu.

INSS Minor Requirements

To earn the INSS minor, students complete six courses (18 credit hours), four of which are the required core for the INSS track (12 hours), plus two additional courses related to INSS (6 hours).

  • (1) Four required courses:
    • POLS 125 Introduction to Intelligence & Statecraft
    • POLS 130 US Intelligence Community
    • POLS 325 Intelligence Analytics
    • POLS 345 Counterintelligence
  • (2) Plus two elective courses from the approved list below:
    • POLS 625 Extremist Groups and Government Response
    • POLS 652 Politics in Europe
    • POLS 661 Politics of the Middle East
    • POLS 675 Russian Foreign Policy
    • POLS 677 U.S. National Security Policy
    • POLS 678 Chinese Foreign Policy
    • POLS 682 Trafficking, Organized Crime and Terrorism: U.S. Government Response
    • POLS 629 Introduction to Cyberintelligence

ICCAE Scholars

Juniors and seniors may wish to apply for the ICCAE Scholars program, which provides added professional networking opportunities to the INSS curriculum. To be eligible, students must demonstrate

  • Interest in pursuing a career in the U.S. Intelligence Community
  • 3.0 GPA
  • U.S. Citizenship and eligible for a security clearance.

Applications for the ICCAE Scholars is currently closed. Please check this space for instructions during the Spring 2020 semester.

Enhancing Opportunities through the ICCAE

Kansas-ICCAE students are eligible for additional opportunities that strengthen their skills and experiences:

  • Study Abroad funding
  • Internships within the Intelligence Community
  • Scholarships
  • Workshops, colloquia, and lecture opportunities
  • Advising, interview coaching, and assistance with job placement after graduation

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