Iran: Red Teaming From the Inside Out 

Virtual Conference: Thursday, April 22nd, 0900-1500 (all times CST)

The timing of this colloquium is intentional – the US is at a critical juncture.  The Biden campaign vowed to return to the JCPOA, but the two countries are locked in a standoff.  This impasse occurs as Iran quickly approaches presidential elections; critics in the US charge that the 2015 agreement is flawed on several fronts; and the International Community has reiterated support for the agreement.   

“Red teaming” is an analytic tool used in the US Intelligence Community to challenge assumptions, ignore disconfirming evidence, and disregard alternative perspectives.  The resultant red team framework stress-tests strategies and mitigates group think by examining problem sets from myriad perspectives. 

The goal of the  Iran:  From the Inside Out colloquium is to provide a red-teaming framework and “stress-test” participants’ thinking of the Iranian security challenge – by examining it from the eyes of myriad perspectives:  the Iranian perspective, the Middle East perspective, the P5+1 perspective, and finally – how these perspective might inform the US perspective. 

Format:  Virtual

1000-1015          IntroductionChris Hoch, Office for the Director of National Intelligence

1015-1115          Keynote Discussion:  The Iranian perspective

  • How Does Iran View Itself?  (15 minutes) Robin Wright, USIP - Wilson Center
  • How Does Iran View Its Neighbors?  (15 minutes) Hossein Mousavian, Princeton University
  • Moderated Q&A (30 minutes) Chris Hoch

1115-1245          Panel 1: Middle East perspective: GCC & Isreal

  • How Do the GCC View Iran?  Ebtesam Al-Ketbi, President, Emirates Policy Center
  • How Do the GCC View Iran – An Alternative View?   Bilal Saab, Middle East Institute
  • The Israeli Variable. Martin Indyk, Council of Foreign Relations  
  • Moderated Q&A Jon Alterman, Jon Alterman, CSIS

1245-1330          Lunch break:  Student Undergraduate Research presentation

1330-1500          P5+1 Perspective:  China, Russia & EU members

1500-1600          Keynote Discussion:  Implications to US Strategy & Policy

  • Implications to the Biden Administration -  A Hawkish Perspective, Susan Maloney, Council of Foreign Relations
  • Implications to the Biden Administration – an Alternative Perspective, Vali Nasr, Johns Hopkins SAIS
  • Moderated Q&A (30 minutes).  Barbara Slavin, Atlantic Council


US Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth IRC: International Relations Council
KU Graduate Military Programs Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies
Center for East Asian Studies